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Senior Information Management Officer

  • Location: West London
  • Salary: £290 to £300
  • Type: Contract
  • Posted: 90 days ago
  • Company: Dutton Recruitment

Job Purpose

To contribute to Information Management strategies and policies. To be responsible for the enforcement of the Council's Information Management Strategy, for responding to requests from the public to meet the statutory requirements of Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations 2005 legislation, regulations and code of practice and developing and maintaining a formal Information Security Policy for the Council. To support the Council in pursuing compliance with good records management practices and to provide first-line-support for the corporate Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). To support the Council in pursuing compliance with good information management practices including meeting legislative obligations and employing recognised codes for practice

Main responsibilities

To process requests for information in accordance with information related legislation and regulations. Log, distribute and monitor information requests. Provide guidance on the application of exemptions/exceptions. Publish performance information.

To provide departmental business unit procedure development guidance reflecting recognised information management related codes of practice and published standards.

To produce, maintain and publish corporate information management related guidance covering all aspects of information security and information governance. Maintain and publish corporate and departmental retention and disposal guidance.

To have a strategic understanding of the Electronic Document Management system EDMS and be able to promote its use to meet departmental requirements.

To produce, maintain and publish procedures that meet Business Technology's quality management system and audit requirements.

To fully understand the principles of good information management and the ISO27001 Information Security standard and to provide advice, support, training and awareness to CMT, staff, Members and Partners to ensure compliance with legislation and adherence to standards and protocols. To assess the benefits of certification, report to the ITSOG and manage the process to compliance and, if it is agreed, to proceed with an application for certification and assist with the practical implementation across the council.

To use judgement and provide advice and guidance to members, senior management and other staff on high profile or controversial information management or compliance issues.

To develop and maintain an Information Security Policy for the Council, in consultation with key stakeholders across the council and partners.

To provide input to the corporate register of key services and processes for the Council, with security risks and controls defined.

To provide development, maintenance, consultation, promotion and publication of information management related corporate policies.

To provide preparation and compilation of information security incident reports, resolution recommendations and risk analyses. To assist departmental colleagues who require advice on making additions, amendments or deletions to computer system access.

To provide development, procurement and delivery of information management related training courses, and the provision and maintenance of advice and guidance for all H&F employees.

To provide preparation and publication of information sharing advice and guidance. To maintain a log of all agreed and active information sharing protocols. Record and escalate all instances of breaches.

To provide preparation and timely publication of corporate information on both the intranet and H&F's website. To work with H&F's communications team to ensure information is presented in accordance with the corporate image standards and the Plain English Campaign.

To provide development, maintenance, promotion and publication of the Information Management Team's quality system procedures. To comply with the published quality system procedures at all times.

To co-ordinate the administration and conduct of the Council's information management related departmental groups covering information management, information governance and information security.

To maintain records in the Information Governance EDMS system reflecting all requests for information, their status at all times, who has been tasked with processing each request and response target information. To liaise with departmental colleagues to ensure they have sufficient detail to process requests and are aware of target dates. To monitor responses.

To maintain, as necessary, the data required to produce corporate, departmental and business unit information management performance statistics including instances of non-compliance with H&F's corporate policies and information management related legislative breaches. Publish performance information related to all aspects of information management including security incidents, all forms of compliance breaches, storage use, information requests.

To actively seek to improve the information management performance of the Council by proposing and promoting improvements based on relevant codes of practice, developments in case law and information technologies.

To provide support to the Information Manager to manage the external quality audit process for Business Technology and to undertake regular internal assessments.

If interested in the role please contact Ambra 01708728826 / [email removed]